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We have increased the efficiency of our log trailers and the well-being of horses in using them since 1998. Thanks to modern logging equipment, working with a horse can be economically viable.

In addition to our basic range, we manufacture customised log trailers according to our customers’ wishes.


We can come over and help you use your log trailers with your horses.


Our goal is to offer you and your horse even better products than before.


We have staked all of our experience and skills from the past 25 years to make you thrive in woodlands and make your work as easy and safe as possible.


Our recent cooperation with Palms, the largest and most well-known manufacturer of forest machinery in Northern Europe, guarantees you functional, high-quality products. They also have lasting resale value. Our products have a long 3-year warranty that goes to show that our products have a long and problem-free lifecycle.



New patented BB3 400cc auxiliary motors guarantee that loads are easy to lift even in hilly terrain. The largest Jysky-Hepo model is always equipped with a hydraulic drive for one wheel or two wheels.


By default, our slightly lighter models Motti-Hepo and Riuku-Hepo are supplied without hydraulic drives, but we can add them if you wish.


The radius of our loader alternatives ranges to 4.2 meter.


Our goal is to equip you with just the equipment you need for your forest work.


Don’t hesitate to contact us – and surprise your horses and customers.


Forest work with horses is the future!

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