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Harness your filly early. Burden it in moderation. Discipline it with love. Do this every day.

One day you will have a good and reliable horse.


An old Finnish saying

Miika designs and develops himself the accessories and equipment he needs in his work. He wants to push the efficiency of working with horses even further, combining old know-how and skills with modern technology. People around the world use the log trailer developed and manufactured by Miika, and one log trailer by M&S Jumentum takes care of the forests of the Prince of Wales.

Miika has a great deal of knowledge and skills on working with horses, and some of it had already almost disappeared. Therefore, he wants to teach it to others, to pass it on and thus preserve this old knowledge.  In addition to online courses, Miika gives practical courses where people can refine the knowledge they have acquired from online courses, honing their skills with safe, well-trained working horses.

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